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Situated in the heart of the Gâtine area of the Deux-Sèvres (not far from the Belly Button of the World!) I'm a breeder of the large fowl Wyandotte,  a member of the French Wyandotte Club and the SADS (Société Avicole des Deux-Sèvres).  I'm very much a strong believer in rearing quality and not quantity, and that the resulting youngsters are much healthier for it as they have plenty of space in which to grow.  It also means that I have more time to spend with them, thus ensuring their continued good health as any problems can be identified early on.

All my stock are wormed regularly, are identified by the official leg rings and are fed on good quality pellets with additives as and when needed.  In addition, all Wyandottes for sale are also vaccinated against Newcastle's Disease and are checked over before purchase.  This ensures that the new owners have nothing to worry about in terms of health issues.  Buying new chickens is always an exciting time but can be stressfull too, whether integrating them into an existing flock or purchasing chickens for the first time.  I like to do my best to ensure their health is one thing that you do not need to worry about.

I do not breed chickens for profit, but rather just for the pleasure of it.  There's nothing better than watching those eggs in the incubator hatch or more gratifying than having a pen full of healthy, good quality youngsters.  Its very addictive!

As of 2011 I now also participate in the regional and national poultry shows with Wyandottes bred and reared here at New House Farm.  I invite you to refer to the list of upcoming shows to find out which ones I will be participating in.

Please take a moment to have a look at the photos on the website, for more information about the colours I breed, and hope you visit again soon!





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Available soon - a Buff Laced pullet from our breeding stock.  Please refer to Availability for more info!